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"The Fuzzy Side" Sticker Sheet

"The Fuzzy Side" Sticker Sheet

Season 2 is official out! 

4 (four )matte finished outdoor quality stickers.

  1. Hunny Bun's
    • The first selection of limited collectable releases. Click HERE to get the Limited Edition Print!
  2. The Fuzzy Side
    • When you accept a spanking you get two options; The Leather Side or The Fuzzy Side.
  3. Pussy Wrangler
    • The iconic varsity lettering of the Man himself.
  4. Pretty Kitty
    • What we all are!


These are a beautiful additon to your water bottle, laptop or whatever! Probably not great for trees, shoes or your neighbors car... But if you can think of it, spank a sticker on it (with consent!)!

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